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Ozone Counter (MOT-500)

  • Ozone Counter (MOT-500)
  • Ozone Counter (MOT-500)
  • Ozone Counter (MOT-500)
  • Ozone Counter (MOT-500)
  • Ozone Counter (MOT-500)
Model No.︰MOT-500
Brand Name︰OCIC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Product Brief Introduction
   MOT series intelligent gas detector(transmitter) used the most advanced large scale integration circuit,       designed according to international standard intelligence technology that ensure our products are technology advance, well performance, high stability, excellent communication ability. MOT series products combine digital signal with analog signal and it's high stability makes our detector extremely satisfied the requirement of technical grade environment safety monitor. Our detector is wildly used in variety industry including oil, chemical, metallurgical, refinery, liquefied natural gas transportation, bio-pharmaceutical. The MOT series detector compatible with all kinds of controlling device ,PLC and DCS etc, allow user to remote monitoring and control and alarm, Monitoring data can be save and analyze by computer.
Key Feature
With the most advance nanometer semiconductor technology ,ultra low power 32bit microprocessor,24bit ADC data acquisition chip.
2.4 inches technical grade display with a pixel up to 320*240
Three concentration units are available PPM,%VOL,mg/m3
The limit of detection were 0.001ppm-99.999%vol ,depending on different sensor
Variety signal output model :
     4-20mA signal :Standard 16bit 4-20mA output chip, transmission distance 1Km
     RS485 signal: Standard MODBUS RTU protocol, transmission distance 2Km
     Two relays output: Concentration alarm value adjustable, there are high alarm and low alarm respectively
     0-5V,0-10V output are optional
  Variety signal transmission are available :3-4 core cable, Optical fiber network, Network cable,3G transmission, Wireless transmission, Video transmission
  With life detection function, able to monitor core chips, components, sensor in real time
  With overvoltage protection, lightning protection, short-circuit protection, wrong connection protection, electrostatic prevention, magnetic-field interference prevention
  All software automatic calibration, sensor up to 6 level target calibration, ensure the accuracy and linearity of the entire measurement
  Chinese and English operation model are available, user friendly ,four buttons to operation
  Following function are optional: Temperature, Humidity sensor, Audible and visual alarm

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