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Ozone Counter (GD-901)

  • Ozone Counter (GD-901)
  • Ozone Counter (GD-901)
Model No.︰GD-901
Brand Name︰OCIC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
1.  Summarize
GD80 series portable intelligent gas detector adopts the most advanced large scale integrated circuit technology, the international standard of intelligent technology level design technology and proprietary digital simulation mixed communication technology and design completely intelligent gas detection instrument. GD80 series gas detection instrument advanced technology, excellent performance, high stability, can detect the gas variety, with recovery factory default Settings and since diagnosis function, use and maintenance convenience, greatly satisfy the industrial site safety monitoring of equipment with high reliability requirements, widely used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, gas transmission and distribution, biological medicine, agriculture, etc

2.  Technical characteristics
1) high precision, high resolution
2) broad range, the most massive ranges from 0 to 50000ppm or 0 ~ 100% Vol
3) Plug and play international standard intelligent sensor, on-site maintenance is very convenient unique LCD with backlighting design technology, field observation, the   maintenance of equipment beset by changing light no longer Entire range range of digital temperature compensation
4) through three buttons can realize view, setting, calibration, and other functions
5) this Ann circuit design, shell rainproof, corrosion resistance and wear resistance
6) large capacity rechargeable lithium battery and charging protection circuit
7) a key to restore function, let you when operating worry-free

3.  Technical parameters
Shell material:ABS
Envelop dimensions:125×52×30mm(L×W×H)
Explosion-proof level:Exia II CT6
Protective level:IP65
The weight:200g
Detecting way:Ciffusion Type or Pump suction method
Concentration unit:ppm、%VOL、%LEL、mg/m3
Acousto-optic alarm means:, vibration
Working temperature: - 40 ~ 70 ℃
Work humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH not gel
Working voltage: 3.6 VDC
Alarm current: 120mA
The working current: KuoSanShi 10mA, pump suction method 60mA
Battery capacity: 1800mA, take charge protection circuit
Charger specification: 4.2 VDC, 1A
Envelop dimensions:125×52×30mm (L×W×H)

4.  Operating instructions
1) Key definitions:
This machine consists of three buttons, ⊙ keys, ↑ keys, ↓ keys (from left to right order), ⊙ keys for the power switch and play function, the key to confirm ↑ shift key, ↓ button up to scroll and digital subtract role.
2) Boot methods:
Long press ⊙ key 5 seconds not to put, to 5 seconds after automatic startup, boot After the picture show is as follows: the maximum range and the gas  name Unit and electricity, 2 seconds later began to show preheating count down 120 seconds, If you don't want to wait, click ⊙ key directly into normal measurement interface, Lower gas species, right now display vibration motor and buzzer, indicator. All alarm 1 times says the normal starting, if electricity shortage or detection. Less than sensor has long been the alarm went down, if this time click ⊙ keys. On censored role, sound and vibration motor, lights have stopped working, but Is the wording of "screen Alarm" are flashing, if it's electricity shortage, Power icon flash, if can't detect sensor, display "FAULT" the words, then click on the ⊙ keys, sound and vibration Motor, indicator continue to work. If the instrument is pump suction method, the screen Will display pump icon, and has been in rotation, and if no pump will not display The icon. Right for normal after the launch of the frame (display with CO, for example)
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